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Any treatment can be combined with other treatments of your choice to create a unique bespoke therapy package.

Packages can last up to 3 hours in length.


Signature Swedish Massage

Drift away with this hands-on luxurious relaxing full body massage, using light to firm pressure depending on your preference. A wonderful combination of long strokes, kneading, friction motions, circular movements and tapotement techniques. Focusing on any particular areas that are achy or tense that you would like extra work on.


Using nourishing massage oil which benefits your skin on a cellular level, this massage releases mental and physical tension in your body whilst relieving aching muscles and increasing circulation throughout.

75 minutes - £60 (includes luxury face and head massage)

60 minutes  - £50


30 minutes - £30 (back, neck and shoulder focus)


Neom De-Stress / Scent to Sleep Massage

Nurture your mind and body with the ultimate indulgence of a full body massage using the beautiful Neom Intensive Skin Treatment candle oil.

Packed with vitamins and blended with up to 24 natural essential oils, the Neom candle is lit before your massage begins. Once extinguished, the warm liquified wax is poured directly from the candle and massaged straight onto your skin.


Choose between:

The Neom De-Stress fragrance (Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood)


The Neom Scent to Sleep fragrance (English Lavender, Precious Jasmine and Sweet Basil).

75 minutes - £70 (includes luxury face and head massage)

60 minutes - £60 



Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Enjoy the magnificent combination of both soothing heat and herbal oils replenishing your skin with a Thai Herbal Compress Massage.

The compresses are made of muslin cotton and contain a blend of eleven herbs including turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime, patchouli and camphor providing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits whilst stimulating the lymphatic system and increasing circulation.


The steamed compresses are used to massage the skin with rolling and pressing movements, releasing their precious warm oils throughout the treatment. The benefits of the heat and the pressure of the compress allows a deeper massage into the tissues and muscles, aiding the release of knots and alleviation of tense areas.

75 minutes - £80 (includes luxury face massage with warm compresses and head massage)

60 minutes - £70



Warm Bamboo Massage

Relax and unwind with the gliding motion of warm bamboo sticks massaging your skin.


Heated bamboo sticks of different lengths are used on your body, creating long deep strokes against the muscles and skin. Light or firmer pressure can be used - catered to your unique preference.


The warmth of the bamboo sticks help to penetrate deeper into the tissues, stretching and elongating the muscles and breaking down tension in your body. This massage will increase the blood flow and oxygenation to the tissues, helping to repair any damaged muscles. With the benefits of lymphatic drainage, this massage also aids to reduce cellulite and toxins. 

75 minutes - £70 (includes luxury face and head massage)

60 minutes - £60


Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage


Transport yourself into a state of bliss with a Hot Himalayan Salt Stone massage.


Sourced from the foot of the beautiful Himalayan mountains in Pakistan, Himalayan salt is the purest salt on earth and has been used for centuries to benefit the body. Packed with 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements that rebalance the skin, the heated stones reduce inflammation and ease sore muscles and joints. The stones have a very gentle exfoliating quality that leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished. The warm stones also assist with balancing the body's electromagnetic field whilst neutralising ions in the body.

This unique treatment begins with a divine back scrub ritual to gently exfoliate the skin, followed by a full body massage with the heated Himalayan Salt Stones. This massage includes the option of a face massage with a combination of warm stones and Green Jade stones which help to rebalance the mind and bring about a state of inner calm.

90 minutes - £75



Hot Stone Massage

Soothe your body and mind with the wonderful heat of a hot stone massage. Using smooth basalt stones, feel the heat penetrate into your muscles providing a deep release on a physical and emotional level. The power of the hot stones aids to relieve muscle tension, increase circulation and reduce stress levels. 

This beautiful treatment opens with a body brushing ritual to exfoliate the skin, followed by the placement of the warming stones underneath and on top of your body before your full body massage begins. Chakra crystals are placed on the seven main chakras of the body to give balance and alignment to your physical mental wellbeing. 

This massage includes the option of the use of cold stones to balance the heat and give an added boost to the circulation, together with an optional hot/cold stone face massage.

90 minutes - £75

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