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Any treatment can be combined with other treatments of your choice to create a unique bespoke therapy package.

Packages can last up to 3 hours in length.



Immerse yourself into the wonderful world of Reiki - the Japanese form of energy healing. 

From the Japanese words, 'Rei' meaning universal, and 'Ki' meaning life energy.


Reiki is a practice where chakras (energy centres within your body) are focused on, from head to toe. Physical and mental blockages can be released, with clients reporting feeling lighter, calmer, more relaxed as well as energised after the treatment.


Reiki also helps to improves sleep, reduce anxiety and promotes wellbeing within your body.

This treatment can be practised 'hands-on' with a gentle laying of the therapist's hands on various areas of your body, or 'hands-off' where the therapist's hands hover over your body. This is entirely your preference.


I am proud to be a Master Reiki Practitioner, which is the highest level of attunement that can be attained. 

60 minutes - £45

30 minute mini session - £25 (ideal for complimenting before or after a massage)



Relax and unwind whilst rebalancing your body with a calming and restoring reflexology treatment.

Your feet tell an incredible story and give so much information about your anatomy and well-being, displaying an intricate road map of your body.


In reflexology, certain areas of your foot are linked to and correspond with specific areas in your body, from head to toeSpecialist massage techniques are used on each part of the foot to reach these areas in the body, promoting well-being throughout the whole body and mind.


Having a reflexology treatment can be so beneficial in helping to release any unwanted emotions, whilst restoring balance and bringing about a true sense of tranquility and calm within your body.  

This treatment boosts relaxation, promotes sleep, improves mood and helps to relieve anxiety and tension throughout the body and mind. 

A wonderful soothing reflexology balm is used on your feet during your treatment. This luxurious foot balm is made from 100% natural ingredients including bees wax and essential oils.


Choose between:

Zest - a refreshing and uplifting scent containing lime and mandarin essential oils.

Balance - a balancing blend of geranium, frankincense and bergamot essential oils.

Tea Tree and Mint - a refreshing blend of tea tree, spearmint and peppermint essential oils.

45 minutes - £40


Crystal Therapy

Tap into the energetic power of crystals through a crystal healing chakra balancing session.

Crystals can affect the body on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level as each unique crystal has its own energy, vibration and frequency. Physical and emotional imbalance in our bodies can be caused by a blockage or disharmony within our energetic body and crystals can help to clear these paths, restoring balance.

During the session, crystals will be placed on or around your body whilst you relax and enjoy the healing energy of these precious stones.

Certain crystals will be selected for each of the seven main chakras in your body, as well as various other crystals - depending on what your body and mind needs most at the time of your session.

This can be discussed prior to the start of the session, or I can select the crystals I feel are best suited to you if that is your preference.

45 minutes - £40

20 minute mini session - £20 (ideal for complimenting before or after a massage)


Sound Therapy

Let your ears, body and mind be filled with the unique and encompassing sound of the beautiful crystal singing bowls.


Using a full set of chakra bowls, as well as Tibetan and Aura bowls, the immersive sounds and vibrations from these instruments will penetrate your body, helping you to  release anxiety, relax, and come back to yourself.


The singing bowls used are tuned to 432 Hertz (instead of the traditional 440 Hertz of a standard musical instrument), which is a universal frequency that has a calming, meditative effect on the body. The vibrations from the bowls help to put your body into a parasympathetic state, which can increase antibody protection, mediate blood pressure and affect your body on a cellular level.

The singing bowls can also be placed underneath the couch, on top of the body, as well as on the hands if desired, to gain an even more intense vibration


Whilst cocooned on the heated couch beneath a lovely warm blanket, let your mind release, and your body receive the powerful vibrations of these wonderful instruments. 


45 minutes - £40

20 minute mini session - £20 (ideally added before or after a massage)


Yoga Nidra


Allow your body and mind to move from the external world to the internal world with Yoga Nidra- meaning 'yogic sleep'. This is the part of yoga where you allow your body to rest and rejuvenate.

During the yoga nidra session your therapist will help you reach a deep state of relaxation, where your mind and your senses can go inwards.

You will be laying down on the heated couch, cocooned within a warm blanket whilst directing your attention and awareness in a way where your body is consciously asleep but you are aware and present. Your therapist will set an intention with you, direct your thoughts and then guide you through a meditation spoken by them, which you will hear whilst feeling between a wakeful state and a state of sleep - where your body feels balanced and your mind goes into a deep awareness.

This is your time to rest, switch off from the outside world and come back to your precious inner self. 


Yoga Nidra has many benefits including reducing anxiety, cultivating a state of deep relaxation both physically and mentally, and also aids better and deeper sleep.

The body will feel more rested and in harmonious balance.


I am proud to be a fully qualified 200 hour yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance International Europe.

 45 minutes - £40

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